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So you have decided to hire an interior designer. Now a day’s it’s easier than ever. All you have to do is just Google and get started. But wait, is it really that simple? Before you start to call a bunch of them first page designers, pause, and ask yourself this.

Are you a good candidate to work with an interior designer?
Well, after years of meeting people who want to hire an interior designer, we think we might have answer for your question.
And the answer is - If you are a person that likes to “delegate” what you don’t have time for and if you can “choose” you might benefit from working with a designer. What we mean when we say if you can choose is your ability to finalize and take decisions in fair amount of time. One quality which designers do not want to see in you is Indecisiveness. You should be able to trust your designer to curate and present the perfect ideas once they get to know you.
So, if you think you can delegate and choose, go ahead and hire a best interior designer. Our guide will help you decide on how to select a perfect partner for designing your dream space.

1. Know what you Want?
Getting a dream space that motivates you to become a person you want to be is not just about furnishing your home, but it is also about how the whole place is optimized and the overall design and color of the space makes you feel. So, if you think such a design is important and when you decide to choose a professional to do that for you, it is imperative to understand them. The first thing you might want to check is how much your designer’s design philosophy and style resonates with your own. To check this you can go through their portfolio/recent work to decide about the compatibility. The Complete Homes Solutions is right choice for you! If you find the most suitable professional who reflects your personality, end of the day it will all be worth it. In another case if you have other clear preferences over design and feel; perhaps you can get your furnishing job done by a contractor.

2. Know Your Designer and Authenticity of their Business
Finding a perfect professional designer is not as easy as you might think. Sure, some can get help from their friends and family to find one by reference, they may not reflect your style although easy to trust. Others simply turn to internet as we do for everything. Quite often you come across more than a few that you think are suitable, but don’t know how to compare and check the authenticity. Well here are some guidelines to help.

When it comes to checking the authenticity, just talking to the person about your requirement is not enough to know if they are suitable professionals to carry out your project as per planning on time and hassle free. First thing to check is whether the firm has proper written process laid out for clients to maintain the transparency, and if this process is followed properly. How much this process is being tweaked for you to close the deal? A little bit of alignment and adjustment of the process is fine, but too much of providing free services, or show-off or commitments should be alarming. It is advisable to check their online presence through website and social media, visiting their office, getting to know the person who will be responsible and answerable to you throughout your project and asking how long they have been with the agency, are some of the things you can do to understand and ensure your dream space is planned and executed smoothly on time.

Ideally, a small agency which has a design portfolio which matches your style, and has been in business for quite a reasonable amount of time, with more personalized approach can take all the hassle out of the continuous co-ordination process of interior designing.

It is quite obvious that a designer who has a physical office in vicinity with expert teams and vendors (mostly reputed brand companies) and an impressive sample library can provide a better service and are easily reachable than a free-lancer or some outstation agency that might lack these. They also tend to have proper processes and policies (design, approvals, selection, payment, warranties etc.) laid out to help their clients navigate their way through the overwhelming stages of interior design and execution that shows their experience and capabilities in the business.

3. One-point Solution
One thing that clients often look for in a design agency is the support in getting all the solutions at a single point. It is also very important that the agency you have finalized provides you with all the services and help that you might need to complete your interior project. It is possible that some of the work may be/kept out of the scope of your project for reasons understandable, but as a client you are entitled to at least get a proper advice and assistance from your designer so that things can be completed on time.

4. Quality and Brands
It is also important to know the quality and brands that your designer will use. Of course, it also depends on your budget, but many designers like to maintain a minimum level of quality. Even if you have budget concern, they can advise you about the most efficient allocation of funds so as to not compromise on certain materials and brands, as they have to provide warranties on their work apart from the manufacturer certificates. Working with the reputed brands also ensures uninterrupted supply of materials on time which helps avoid delays in completion of work as opposed to sourcing materials from general market. So, apart from quality assurance designers can offer other benefits of their tie-ups and direct sourcing from the reputed brands to you.

Turning a dream space into reality is not easy. A little homework and knowledge of what to look for in your designer before you finalize one, can go a long way in saving your valuable time, effort and money. Also don’t forget to know your preferences and requirements with great amount of clarity before you set out to search for the perfect professional for yourself.
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